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Godzilla, Kong Skull Island, Baywatch, Jumanji 2, and Holdout are just a few major Hollywood movies filmed here in Hawaii. These box-office hits incorporate great scripts, characters, acting, timing, sound, and visuals. However, seldom know the professionals behind the scenes of these enticing motion pictures. Before, many film projects would face credit administration, infrastructure, and crew challenges when wishing to shoot in paradise. Well… that was until Island Film Group was established in Hawaii. Island Film Group alleviates all the concerns and obstacles many producers and/or directors face when filming outside the continental United States. The company specializes in film, television, and commercial production in Hawaii and cover a wide range of production services from pre to post production. Island Film Group is unique in the fact that they also provide Tax Credit Administration and house a 2,500-square foot soundstage. Simply said, Island Film Group are the trusted professionals any filmmaker could wish for when filming in Hawaii.  Be sure to check out the wide-range of their production services at


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A Glimpse of the Rich Hawaiian Culture

Hawaii is known all over the world because of its white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets and crystal clear blue waters. And don’t forget its tropical forests and volcanoes too. However, Hawaii is not just about the island itself. It is also rich in ancient Hawaiian culture and tradition. This paradise has a diverse culture embodying the Polynesian, Asian and American culture all together. Over the years, they have adapted their ways of living as well as their beliefs in order to accommodate the changing environment. Here’s some of the most popular Hawaiian culture, some you might know already.

Hula Girls photo 03 HQ


Hula is the traditional and most popular dance in Hawaii. This dance actually became a signature of Hawaii. The dance shows beauty and grace as well as spirituality. The hula is a dance dating way back to the ancient times on the first people in the island. Hawaiians believe that the dance was originally performed by a goddess, thus this is considered more of a sacred ritual rather than as a form of entertainment. Although for tourists, it is just merely an entertainment. As time passed by, the hula became part of celebrations and became a form of worship. All the movements of the hands and body in this dance have specific meanings. The dance is performed in the tune of a mele which is composed of hypnotic chants. In some areas, the dance is also accompanied by some musical instruments made of natural materials just like the ukulele.


Kapa is the most common representation of Hawaiian artwork. The material is produced from the fine paper of a mulberry plant. It is then processed and made into different things like skirts and swaddles for babies. They can also be woven into colorful and beautiful blankets. Other traditional artworks involve the Lauhala or hala leaves. They are often made into bowls, hats and floor mats which are still used by native Hawaiians. They also make great souvenirs to tourists.

Aloha Festival

This is probably one of the longest festivals in Hawaii as it lasts for 2 whole months. This is being celebrated in different islands in Hawaii like Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island. This is also considered to be the oldest and largest festival in the state. It was started in the 1940s where it was called Aloha Week. The festival involves a lot of music, dancing and showcasing of Hawaii’s traditions.


Hawaiian Canoe

The Hawaiian canoe is considered to be a very important part of the island’s culture and is said to be one of the best inventions by the natives. The canoe is unlike any other as its craftsmanship is really superb and the design is just amazing. The original design was purely based on the native Hawaiian’s immense knowledge of the seas. This was one of the most valued possessions in the old days since it is the only means of transportation. They were initially built for the kings and chiefs.

Kauai Hiking Makes a Perfect Vacation Adventure


Among trekkers and hikers, a vacation in Hawaii means Kauai hiking in addition to splurging in one of the most pristine white sand beaches in the world. The hike gives you the opportunity to visit and explore the scenic mountains of Kauai. Being one with nature, experiencing inner peace and tranquility is perhaps one of the best things about this trip. The flora and fauna of this small but rich Pacific Island is quite a delight. However, it is best to remember some of these tips before embarking on your journey.

  • It is always safe to have a hiking plan. Let your family or friends know which trail you will be taking and your itinerary. This is mainly for safety purposes so that in case something happen, they would know where to find you.
  • Always bring the essentials like water, food and a first aid kit.
  • Be sure to check the weather beforehand and make sure to dress appropriately. Dress for comfort and make sure it can protect you from the sun. It is also better to wear a hat and sunscreen. Lastly, make sure your footwear is comfortable since it will be your major weapon when hiking.
  • The Kauai’s hiking trails are part of the Hawaiian history and culture so do your best to respect it. When passing through historical landmarks, try to make as little disturbance as you can.


Hiking Kauai will take you along the coast through rainforests and waterfalls to the mountain peaks. Here are the best trails you can take:

  • The Kalalau Trail on the North Shore is the most famous trails of all. This is an 11 mile path which offers great challenges even for those seasoned ones.
  • The Mahaulepu Heritage Trail on the South Shore is an easy route where you can take in the view of beautiful Kawailoa Bay. This is trail only runs 4 miles and starts near Poipu’s Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort then passes through some cultural areas and the Mahaulepu Beach.
  • The Sleeping Giant Hike located on the East Side is a trail leading 1,200 feet up Nounou Mountain. This allows the hikers to pass through forests with spectacular views form the top where a fables sleeping giant resides. This trail actually has 2 different routes and trailheads. Both are a little difficult so you have to be sure you are up to the challenge before starting.
  • The Kokee State Park on the West Side offers 45 miles of hiking trails along the famous Awaawapuhi Trail through the Alakai Swamp Trail. You may also choose the Waimea Canyon Trail on the same side. This trail passes through the Waipoo Falls Trail going through a ginger-surrounded pool.
  • The Hanakapiai Falls Hike on the North Shore is one of the easiest trails. You can hike 2 miles along the beautiful coast to Hanakapiai Beach then you can continue 2 more miles deeper to reach the valley with its thundering waterfall and pool.

Planning on Taking a Vacation? Consider Snorkeling in Key West

Planning on taking a vacation? Then you’ll know that the best way to do so is to take a break by the beach! A nice, relaxing view, white sands, and clear blue waters… What more can you ask for? You can get the tan you need as you read a book while under the sun, or spend quality time with your loved ones as you snorkel along the shore. Snorkeling is one of the best activities to do when you’re taking a vacation by the beach, as you will be able to encounter a lot of sea creatures and the beauty that is under the beautiful waters! It’s also a great activity that will surely have your blood pumping with excitement, having you burn calories and exercise your way through vacation! In this article, we show you all about snorkeling in Key West.


Guide to Snorkeling in Key West

There are many different types of beaches to visit when it comes to snorkeling. Hawaii is one of them. But more specifically, snorkeling in Key West, Hawaii is one of the best places to do just that.

Snorkeling in Key West is great because of the abundance of fish and corals you will see underwater. Not only that, but it’s got one of the largest coral reefs, placing 3rd biggest! You will be able to see this coral reef and explore the other places around the sea when in Key West, which is what makes it a great place to snorkel in.

There are various charters that you can hire when wanting to snorkel. All of them have different packages and prices, depending on what you want and how many you are in a group. So whether you’re with family or friends, it doesn’t matter! You’ll be able to have fun and have a private boat rented for your fun and leisure.

You can customize your day or have it planned by those handling your trip. You can use the whole time to snorkel or be toured around the waters, with guides showing you the way and educating you on the different things you encounter when sailing through the seas.

You can go for half a day to a whole day, with prices raising the longer you go. They even provide various services such as dinners, kayaking, dolphin watching, and more than just snorkeling activities. This is best for just about any group, whether you’re with your children, friends, or your significant other.


In Conclusion

If you’re interested in going snorkeling in Key West, then you will be able to find different agencies online that can cater to you when planning your vacation. Not only do they have packages on snorkeling, but you’ll also be able to score deals on airfare and accommodation. So what are you waiting for? Check out the different activities you can do and start planning your vacation today!

Where to Go Snorkeling in Kauai

Ever wanted to take a vacation somewhere remote and quiet? I’m sure that you aren’t the only one! Millions of people around the world aspire to take vacations in various places, reaping the many health benefits it has for those who love to travel. Not only is it great for your mental wellbeing, but you will also be able to burn quite a few calories doing extra activities such as trekking up mountains or swimming in the waters. One of the best places to take a vacation would be in Kauai, where you are able to relax AND take a breather as you take on many adventures with the various activities the place has to offer. From swimming to climbing, you’ll find everything you need in Kauai for the perfect vacation. In this article, we show you the how-to of Kauai snorkeling!


All About Kauai Snorkeling

The best thing about Kauai is their beautiful beaches and seas. Not only will you be able to experience ultimate relaxation, but you can also opt to go deep into the waters, encountering different sea creatures and seeing what else the world has got underneath the deep blue sea! Because Kauai has got a lot of beaches, you will be able to choose the best places for snorkeling and looking for those sea creatures and corals! But that may make it difficult to choose one (or a few!) out of the many. To help you choose, here are the best Kauai snorkeling spots to check out:

  1. Napali Coast – This is one of the best choices because it is less crowded, thus with you having more time and a greater view to see the beauty under the sea. Plus, you will experience the freshness of the waters as it is inhabited by less people and development by humans! All natural, less crowded, better experience. You can get a boat with a small group and focus more on snorkeling rather than the boat ride itself, but it is usually a half day tour with half an hour of snorkeling, with you being able to tweak the time as much as you want.
  2. Anini – This is an offshore reef that’s very safe, making you be able to snorkel with you loved ones, even children! There’s a campground by the beach with showers, so you are able to make a day or even camp with your loved ones as an adventure. BUT, it’s best to be careful and ask if it’s safe to snorkel during the day, as it CAN get dangerous. Lifeguards will be there to assist and advice you.



You will be able to make reservations or book a snorkeling session with the locals or work with your travel agency. Simply search online for great deals and you’ll be able to begin planning your vacation in no time! Enjoy your break and take a leave you deserve in Kauai and snorkel your vacation away.

Top 5 Kauai Activities For Your Family

Taking a vacation has a ton of benefits. Not only does it improve your mental wellbeing, but depending on what you’ll be doing, you will also be improving your physical health as well! This goes especially for adrenaline junkies who love to move around and do all sorts of activities while on vacation. But with that being said, where would you be able to have the best time of your life doing all sorts of adventurous activities? Kauai is one of the most recommended places out there, especially for those who love the tropical environment. In here, we show you the many Kauai activities you are able to do and where to go in order to fill up that itinerary of yours and have the vacation you deserve!


Top 5 Kauai Activities

Like mentioned, there are tons of things you can do when in Kauai. Here are the top 5 Kauai activities:

  1. Waimea Canyon – If you want to go trekking and watch the view, then Waimea Canyon is perfect for you. Whether you’re watching the sunrise or sunset, or even the starry night sky, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the sky and view of Kauai. You can either drive, or even bike your way up to the canyons and peaks!
  2. Na Pali Coast State Park – You can actually take a helicopter ride around the area, or even go by the waters and experience the serenity as you row your way along the park. Boat and helicopter rides, as well as a good trekking activity can be done here, and it’s definitely one for the bucket list!
  3. Kalalau Trail – Looking for a good hike? The Kalalau Trail is perfect for you then. It’s meant for hiking, and once you arrived in your destination, it was worth the exercise! Plus, you’ll also be able to visit the hidden beach there to relax after a long trek.
  4. Hanalei Beach – Of course, who would forget about the beaches? There are dozens of activities you are able to do here, as it is one of the best beaches recommended by tourists and locals. Snorkel your way through the sea and encounter sea creatures, go kayaking or canoeing, or even have some fun under the sun playing beach sports such as volleyball and other games!
  5. Wailua River Cruise – Want to spend a romantic evening with your significant other or a night out with friends? The cruise is great for a nightcap, especially since it comes with good music form a live band!



You are able to check these places out online and contact those who handle them for reservation and bookings. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip ahead and check out the different Kauai activities you can do while on vacation. You’ll definitely have a great time and be able to have stories to tell once you’re back at work.

All About Maui Whale Watching

One of the best things to do in life is to take vacations and explore the world. Going on various trips and learning about different cultures holds many health benefits one may be able to reap! It’s definitely something people should do at least once in their lifetime! If you’re planning on going on a trip, the most important thing to consider would be where you would want to go! Maui is one of the best places recommended by travelers, known for the Maui whale watching experience. That being said, we show you all the things you need to know about Maui whale watching and where you can go for those events!

What is Maui Whale Watching?

Maui is home to many beaches and things to do, and whale watching is one of them! It’s one for those who have always wanted to see the whales. This is great for families with children, or even couples and friends who want to try something new and check out the many types of sea creatures found in the sea.


Going Maui whale watching is actually something that needs to be timed, as whales do go on hibernation. They are usually out during November to May during winter migration. How many whales go out in the ocean? No one knows exactly how many, but the whole population of humpback whales is known to be 21,000, and they estimate that about half or a third of the number of whales visit Maui every year. The population is fortunately increasing, and the whale watching experience gets more beautiful each year!

Why Go Maui Whale Watching?

Going whale watching is one of the best experiences everyone needs to do at least once! To watch the whales splash around the waters and sing is beautiful. You get to learn more about life under the sea, and experience the majestic actions of whales. With their vast history and interesting behavior, it’s definitely something worth doing when visiting Maui.

Where to Go Maui Whale Watching?

There are different areas in Maui where you can go whale watching, as they have different beaches and shorelines available for you to visit in. Many hotels and resorts offer whale watching for the public. You can even go on a private boat ride with loved ones, encountering the whales up close. If you are alone, you may join a small group of people on a boat ride to avoid the crowd. Tour guides will even educate you about whales and their history, making you learn a whole lot about the creatures and appreciate them more.


Whale watching is exceptional during sunset, and if you are adventurous, you can go kayak or paddle to watch the whales yourself. Not only that, but you can even snorkel as well! You will be able to check out the many whale watching packages companies offer at good prices online. So plan your trip ahead and make sure to add in Maui whale watching to the list!

The University of Hawaii Tuition And Fees Cost

The University of Hawaii Tuition is determined by the course a student enrolls for and the residency status. Residents pay less than non-residents do. If you are not a bona-fide resident on the initial day of starting your studies in the University of Hawaii, you pay the non-resident tuition. Your citizenship is determined as soon as you apply for admission. As an applicant, you must produce documented evidence of the status of your residency.

Once you have been admitted as a non-resident, you will be classified that way for all your years of enrollment. You can however change this by providing evidence to your university’s residency officer proving otherwise .You are considered a Hawaii state resident for the purposes of tuition if you are 19 years and above. You must also have been physically living in the country for 12 months consecutively before the first day of tutoring. You must as well demonstrate your intention to establish a home in Hawaii.


Other Factors That Determine The Amount Of Tuition And Fees You Pay

Tuition is also determined by the level your enrollment. For instance, a post-baccalaureate student pays graduate- rank tuition despite the courses taken. A student who registers for another bachelor’s degree, pays the same tuition the undergraduates pay. Auditors are charged the same tuition fees as those who register for credit.

Graduate learners who access graduate scholarships or scholarships tied to personal achievement are still required to pay the remaining fees or tuition balance. Those who have received scholarship and financial support, should confirm with their accounts whether their scholarships caused some changes in the award towards financial aid.

The students who receive graduate assistantships with tuition waiver attachment have to pay activity fees inspite of whether they will use or participate in those activities presented to them.

Future Fees And Tuition Approximations

In the school year of 2014-2015, non-resident full-time students who are undertaking undergraduate courses in the University of Hawaii were charged $29,412 for fees and tuition. This was before the adjustments based on financial need were done. $28,632 catered for tuition while $780 catered for fees.

Hawaii resident students enjoyed a drastic reduction in fees and tuition. They paid 63.9% less than non-residents did. In the school year of 2014 – 2015, tuition was $9,840 while fees were set at $780.This was a total of $10,620 for the whole year for resident undergraduates who were studying on a full time basis.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a 7.2% increase in tuition for non-resident students studying at the University of Hawaii. Fees went up by 5.7% in the same period. From this analysis, the estimated cost of fees and tuition for the 2015 – 2016 school year will approximately be $31,527.

University of Hawaii--Manoa Campus
University of Hawaii–Manoa Campus

With these approximations, a degree lasting two years will cost $33,793 annually. The entire cost of fees and tuition for the two years will be $65,320.By the school year of 2018-2019, a degree that takes four years to finish will be $38,828.The entire cost factoring in fees and tuition will be a total of $140,372.This does not include books, room, board and transportation.

 Other factors worth considering

Late payments and /or applications attract extra fees.

Think about getting an on campus part-time job or an athletic scholarship. This will give you extra finances that you add to your tuition or expenses.


Turtle Town Maui Biodiversity Adventures

Turtle Town is located along the southern coast of Maui. You can enjoy the valleys, aquatic larva structures and rocky overhangs lying in water levels of less than 40 feet that make Turtle Town Maui a famous tourist destination. Take pleasure in the lava formations that bring about the beautiful coral reefs and the multiple colored fish.

The Exceptional Marine Life at Turtle Town


The colorful coral reef exuded by the Turtle Town is a home to diverse flora and fauna. Apart from the Hawaiian green sea turtle, which is its main tourist attraction, the town prides itself of a variety of tropical fish and other exceptional and diverse marine life. The types of fish found here are parrotfish, surgeonfish, squirrelfish, and cardinal fish, triggerfish, hawk fish, trumpet fish, soldier fish, butterfly fish, tang wrasse, damselfish, jacks, butterfly fish, hawk fish, cornet fish, eels, needlefish, octopus, goatfish, snapper, crustaceans, Hawaii State Fish and other unique invertebrates.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Turtle town is the home for the renowned Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Maluaka offers the most fascinating sigh seeing venues to watch the Hawaiian Green Seas Turtles. Once you are done with snorkeling at Molokini, swimming with these green sea turtles is an experience you will live to remember. Take a calm, slow swim with the curious and gentle sea turtles who will take an investigative swim after you .You will enjoy the turtles swimming close to you or to the shore, sunbathing or doing a beach crawl. The sight of turtles surfacing up now and then to breathe is exhilarating.

Turtle town derives its name from the numerous green sea turtles that congregate here. They are partly attracted by the abundant algae that are a common food for turtles, and a particular kind of sea grass found here. Sea turtles are used to going back to their place of birth, especially if it is a nutrient rich spot. Hawaiian green sea turtles have green fat internally and this is where they derive their name and not due to their outer color.

The turtles weigh 500 pounds maximum and they always swim slowly. If they sense a predator, they can swim up to the speeds of 20 mph. These turtles enjoy a legal protection. It is unauthorized to ride, chase or touch the turtles.


The experienced tour guides will inform you on the best approach to use in interacting with the turtles to avoid stressing them. Turtles are gracious and sensitive creatures that love to share their homes with tourists. If you follow the laid down rules, you will delight yourself in the quality ‘turtle time’ presented by these magnificent marine creatures.

Snorkeling Adventures

Turtle town also offers a wonderful snorkeling adventure. You can personally paddle power or cheer up your tired body with a horsepower ride. Amazing tour guides are also available on request.

Even though accessible by road, it is not a recommended means of access. This is chiefly due to the possibility of unintentionally damaging the very fragile coral reef. You may also be hurt as a result. The best option is to take on a spirited swim to the area.

Experience a Parasailing Maui Adventure

Have you ever imagined taking a parasailing Maui adventure by soaring very high over the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean securely in a well-designed parachute pulled away by an ultra-modern speedboat? You have been missing this exhilarating parasailing experience.

Parasailing has developed into a very safe water sport. Both the take-offs and landings happen on the sailboat. You enjoy a gentle landing back to where you began your water adventures. You can take pleasure in the free fall effect. Parasailing is one of those tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss when you visit Maui.

The Crew


A highly experienced, professional and organized crew will welcome you. They will ensure your safety and security and make sure you have a great time. You do not need any experience or to learn anything. Anybody can take a parasail in Maui and fly. Whether you are single, married, young or old, it is a great event to experience. Just relax and enjoy the smooth ride.

The Real Parasail Experience

Your flight begins by you sitting on the boat’s back deck; your harness fastened to the parasail, and as the sailboat increases speed, you may think that the vessel is moving away from you and then…off you go! As soon as you get into the air, it gets tranquil, quiet and relaxing. It is fun, safe and very serene. You remain up there suspended in the air. It is so calm. You get a renewed perspective on the surroundings. Maui waters are the bluest you will ever see! The wonderful aerial view of the clear waters underneath tempts you to look for aquatic life beneath.

You will be served with a great crew and have fun vibes on the speedboat. Your flight may take between 7 to 15 minutes depending on your selected ride. When the ride ends, you are reeled in as they do the fish. You will enjoy an amazing view from up there and have an awesome experience.

The Maui boats are engineered specifically for parasailing and are meticulously designed with a winch system to make sure that any takeoff and landing is safe and smooth. There is no need to worry about safety and security. They have firm, secure straps that make you feel calm, and collected .You will enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of Lana’I and Moloka’I islands and the West Maui Coastline. You will spend a full hour on the boat with a 10-minute para flight.

 Types Of Flights To Choose From


Get a tandem flight if you are in a company of a friend. You can choose between the 800’ and the 1200’.If you do not want to get wet, choose to be reeled directly into the boat. Another option to go for is the ‘BIG DIP’. Either way, you will not be disappointed.

Everything about this ride is smooth and slow. The boat drivers and the parachute handlers are very experienced in handling first timers. You will experience amazing aerial views that make you want to spend your whole day up there.

Use the parasailing adventure in Maui to scale the heights and drive away your fears.