A Glimpse of the Rich Hawaiian Culture

Hawaii is known all over the world because of its white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets and crystal clear blue waters. And don’t forget its tropical forests and volcanoes too. However, Hawaii is not just about the island itself. It is also rich in ancient Hawaiian culture and tradition. This paradise has a diverse culture embodying the Polynesian, Asian and American culture all together. Over the years, they have adapted their ways of living as well as their beliefs in order to accommodate the changing environment. Here’s some of the most popular Hawaiian culture, some you might know already.

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Hula is the traditional and most popular dance in Hawaii. This dance actually became a signature of Hawaii. The dance shows beauty and grace as well as spirituality. The hula is a dance dating way back to the ancient times on the first people in the island. Hawaiians believe that the dance was originally performed by a goddess, thus this is considered more of a sacred ritual rather than as a form of entertainment. Although for tourists, it is just merely an entertainment. As time passed by, the hula became part of celebrations and became a form of worship. All the movements of the hands and body in this dance have specific meanings. The dance is performed in the tune of a mele which is composed of hypnotic chants. In some areas, the dance is also accompanied by some musical instruments made of natural materials just like the ukulele.


Kapa is the most common representation of Hawaiian artwork. The material is produced from the fine paper of a mulberry plant. It is then processed and made into different things like skirts and swaddles for babies. They can also be woven into colorful and beautiful blankets. Other traditional artworks involve the Lauhala or hala leaves. They are often made into bowls, hats and floor mats which are still used by native Hawaiians. They also make great souvenirs to tourists.

Aloha Festival

This is probably one of the longest festivals in Hawaii as it lasts for 2 whole months. This is being celebrated in different islands in Hawaii like Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island. This is also considered to be the oldest and largest festival in the state. It was started in the 1940s where it was called Aloha Week. The festival involves a lot of music, dancing and showcasing of Hawaii’s traditions.


Hawaiian Canoe

The Hawaiian canoe is considered to be a very important part of the island’s culture and is said to be one of the best inventions by the natives. The canoe is unlike any other as its craftsmanship is really superb and the design is just amazing. The original design was purely based on the native Hawaiian’s immense knowledge of the seas. This was one of the most valued possessions in the old days since it is the only means of transportation. They were initially built for the kings and chiefs.

Hawaii Teaching Jobs Are Highly in Demand

Vacations in paradise often end up to soon leaving you wanting for more and who wouldn’t right? Who doesn’t want to stay in a beautiful island surrounded by pristine white sand beaches where you can just take in its beauty and its surroundings each day? Who wouldn’t want beautiful sunsets or perhaps a moonlit walk by the ocean, hearing the waves crashing along the shore and the sweet-salty smell of the sea breeze? This is just a typical day in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.


It’s great isn’t it? If you have dreamed of living in this stunning place for real then you’re in luck. Hawaii teaching jobs are highly in demand these days.

Currently, the state government of Hawaii admitted to having shortages with their teachers. They are in dire need of over 1600 teachers for the coming school year starting this fall. They are looking for qualified teachers from the mainland and overseas as well who are willing to relocate in the island. As a additional incentive, the state is offering a $6000 bonus to teachers hired in secondary science, secondary mathematics and special education. The average teacher salary here is around $56000 a year. This is not so high as compared to other states but the incentive of living on the island is quite tempting. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like on vacation everyday while making a living at the same time? Well, if you are mesmerized and want to move to Hawaii as a teacher, here are the things you need:

  • First, you need to have a Degree related to teaching. You also need to complete a State Approved Teacher Education Program (SATEP) from an accredited school in accordance to the Hawaii Teachers Standards Board. In cases where the degree was not taken in Hawaii, all you have to do is have SATEP accredit you.
  • You need to obtain a Hawaii teaching license which involves licensing examinations for the state. There are 3 different types of licenses, for beginners, they are given a 3-year license. Those who have experiences may be given a 5-year license wherein those who are highly experienced may be given an advanced 10-year license.
  • For foreign applicants, you will need to submit a foreign transcript provided by an approved transcript evaluation company. You may find the list at the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) website. This will need to be submitted together with a licensing application.
  • Candidates for licensure are also required by the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) to pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching Tests, the Hawaii Praxis I and other Praxis tests required in different teaching areas.


These requirements may seem difficult but in reality, they are very simple. These are the same requirements needed in all other US states and territories. And the process doesn’t take long either since the need is really high. Just comply with all the requirements and you’re all good to work in paradise.

Guide to Which Island to Visit in Hawaii

Hawaii is perhaps one of the most beautiful island paradises in the world. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations not only by Americans but of tourists worldwide. If you are planning on vacationing here but is at a lost which island to visit in Hawaii then let us guide. After all, you would want your dream vacation to be perfect and a time where you can definitely make the most out of it. All of Hawaii is beautiful and its islands are all unique in their own ways, however if you have limited time then you won’t be able to visit most of them. Thus, here are some of the best islands in Hawaii where culture, nature and food meet.


Kailua is a place nestled in the island of O’ahu in Honolulu County. In their language, Kailua means “two seas” because of the 2 beautiful lagoons which runs through Kailua Bay. The place prides itself for its crescent-shaped beach which stretches to 2.5 miles along the coastline. The beach has light to medium waves which makes it just perfect for surfing and body surfing as well as swimming. Kailua Beach Park is also known to be perfect places for a number of beach activities like windsurfing and kite-flying. You may also enjoy snorkeling and swimming with the manta rays and dolphins. But basically, its pristine white beach is enough to take your breath away. You can just laze around and bask under the sun with your favorite drinks and chitchat with your friends while getting a natural tan. The beautiful sunset is a scene to behold every afternoon. This is just the perfect place to have a romantic evening rendezvous and it makes the most beautiful scenery for proposals or in simply making memories. If you love the beach, then don’t miss this island.

Beach In Oahu, Hawaii HD Desktop Background

Waikoloa Village

Waikoloa Village is a popular tourist destination in Hawaii County. This is said to be the home of traditional Hawaiian aquaculture. The resorts in this area amplify the mixture of ancient and new. Most resorts here showcase petroglyphs which not only display the Hawaiian culture and history but it is believed to represent the heavens. This was mixed with the modern full-service and advanced technology offered by the resorts. While visiting, do not miss out the Anchialine pond which is the home a wide variety of sea life.

You can really take a close encounter with nature in this place since you may enjoy snorkeling with the dolphins or watch some of their shows. You may also hire a boat so you can enjoy a day of whale and dolphin watching. This is the perfect place to see groups of these huge but sweet sea animals together. This place is also considered to have one of the most beautiful beaches with spectacular views in all of Hawaii. But if it is uniqueness you are after, feel free to visit the amazing Black Sand beach in the area.

What It’s Like Living in Hawaii

When it comes to taking a vacation, Hawaii is one of the most sought out vacation spots everyone aspires to travel to. With fantastic beaches, many parks, and other various exciting activities, there’s something about Hawaii everyone loves. While vacation goers love Hawaii and what it has in store for them, it leaves many wondering: What if they were living in Hawaii? Would it still be a vacation, or would it be similar to a normal life in the city? If you’re curious or actually the lucky one planning to live in Hawaii, then here’s a guide and how-to when living in Hawaii, may it be temporary or permanently.


Guide to Living in Hawaii

Hawaii is not only home to beautiful beaches and sea creatures, but there are many locals and a good crowd as well. You are not secluded from the city life, as there are many things to do in Hawaii, such as shop or even go to movies. Thought it may be surprising to see places that are filled with more than beaches, it also is a relief as you can relax while still living the urban life. BUT, with that being said, it may be difficult moving or living in Hawaii for some. But how come?

Just like moving into a whole new place, living in Hawaii can take a toll out of those who were attached to home. And adapting to a whole new lifestyle may be a bit confusing as well. Here are some things to know about when living in Hawaii:

  1. Hawaii is a host of islands – And boy, are they islands! They are beautiful, BUT they are also small. Some have a size of merely 44 miles. It’s similar to living in a small neighborhood where you are near everyone.
  2. It’s hot – This may be expected, but expect it to be warm weather all throughout the year, no matter what season it is! It’s great when relaxing by the beach, but when on your way to work? Nah. If you’re one who loves the sunny days and warm weather, then Hawaii is the place for you!
  3. It rains – But don’t worry about the warm weather, because the beautiful and serene rain makes up for it! The weather is great, and feeling the rain after a hot day or being welcomed by it in the morning is absolutely breathtaking.
  4. High security – Being in a popular vacation spot, you will be assured that police is in high alert for just about anything, especially when it comes to traffic control. Speed a bit, and they’ve got you!


Living in Hawaii does not only entail having access to beaches, but you get to enjoy a few small perks as well, just like these! If you are considering living in Hawaii, be prepared and learn more about the place before making your final decision.

The University of Hawaii Tuition And Fees Cost

The University of Hawaii Tuition is determined by the course a student enrolls for and the residency status. Residents pay less than non-residents do. If you are not a bona-fide resident on the initial day of starting your studies in the University of Hawaii, you pay the non-resident tuition. Your citizenship is determined as soon as you apply for admission. As an applicant, you must produce documented evidence of the status of your residency.

Once you have been admitted as a non-resident, you will be classified that way for all your years of enrollment. You can however change this by providing evidence to your university’s residency officer proving otherwise .You are considered a Hawaii state resident for the purposes of tuition if you are 19 years and above. You must also have been physically living in the country for 12 months consecutively before the first day of tutoring. You must as well demonstrate your intention to establish a home in Hawaii.


Other Factors That Determine The Amount Of Tuition And Fees You Pay

Tuition is also determined by the level your enrollment. For instance, a post-baccalaureate student pays graduate- rank tuition despite the courses taken. A student who registers for another bachelor’s degree, pays the same tuition the undergraduates pay. Auditors are charged the same tuition fees as those who register for credit.

Graduate learners who access graduate scholarships or scholarships tied to personal achievement are still required to pay the remaining fees or tuition balance. Those who have received scholarship and financial support, should confirm with their accounts whether their scholarships caused some changes in the award towards financial aid.

The students who receive graduate assistantships with tuition waiver attachment have to pay activity fees inspite of whether they will use or participate in those activities presented to them.

Future Fees And Tuition Approximations

In the school year of 2014-2015, non-resident full-time students who are undertaking undergraduate courses in the University of Hawaii were charged $29,412 for fees and tuition. This was before the adjustments based on financial need were done. $28,632 catered for tuition while $780 catered for fees.

Hawaii resident students enjoyed a drastic reduction in fees and tuition. They paid 63.9% less than non-residents did. In the school year of 2014 – 2015, tuition was $9,840 while fees were set at $780.This was a total of $10,620 for the whole year for resident undergraduates who were studying on a full time basis.

Over the last 5 years, there has been a 7.2% increase in tuition for non-resident students studying at the University of Hawaii. Fees went up by 5.7% in the same period. From this analysis, the estimated cost of fees and tuition for the 2015 – 2016 school year will approximately be $31,527.

University of Hawaii--Manoa Campus
University of Hawaii–Manoa Campus

With these approximations, a degree lasting two years will cost $33,793 annually. The entire cost of fees and tuition for the two years will be $65,320.By the school year of 2018-2019, a degree that takes four years to finish will be $38,828.The entire cost factoring in fees and tuition will be a total of $140,372.This does not include books, room, board and transportation.

 Other factors worth considering

Late payments and /or applications attract extra fees.

Think about getting an on campus part-time job or an athletic scholarship. This will give you extra finances that you add to your tuition or expenses.


The Importance of Hawaii Zip Code Listings

Hawaii, also known as the ‘Aloha State,’ was formed when Polynesians set their foot on the beautiful island of Hawaii. With the guidance of the stars, they were able to sail for more than 2000 miles using canoes. Today, Hawaii is a state with designated territories. It is important to understand why each region has a Hawaii Zip code. These Zip codes indicate mail delivery points within this State and its dependent areas.

After 500 years, settlers came from Tahiti with their belief system. They instituted an authoritarian social hierarchy that is founded on a taboo system. Hawaiian lifestyle thrived over the years and it led to the hula art and the surfing sport. They were many land conflicts among the tribal chiefs.


James Cook, a captain, set foot on Kauai in 1778.To honor Earl of Sandwich; he gave this archipelago the name ‘Sandwich Islands’. This act gave the west access to this island. Cook was later killed in Kealakekua Bay after staying on the island for a year.

In 1810, Kamehameha established a royal kingdom after uniting the splinter groups. After his death, Liholiho his son ended the kapu system. When the kapu system ended, protestant missionaries came to Hawaii. Hawaii grew into a whaler, traders and seamen port. Lahaina Harbor became famous because of the booming whaling industry.

As the influence from the west grew, the American Colonists brought down the strong Hawaiian Kingdom in a controversially peaceful coup. United States took in Hawaii as its territory in 1898.

Hawaii’s economy was fueled by pineapple and sugar plantations. This brought in Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese and Chinese Immigrants. These immigrant communities have brought about the population diversity in Hawaii.

The Japanese surprisingly attacked Pearl Harbor on December of 1941.They later surrendered unconditionally on the September of 1945, four years after. Hawaii recently joined the United States on August 21, 1959.It is the only state that is made up of islands. It is found in the northern Polynesian islands of the Pacific Ocean, situated in a beautiful archipelago. Today global visitors gather in Hawaii to take part in celebrating aloha.

Of the 50 states in the U.S., Hawaii has the highest population density. It is however not a populous or extensive state. It has a 750 mile long Coastline. This is U.S. fourth longest coastline after California, Florida and Alaska. The United States annexed the islands in 1900.

Honolulu, located on Oahu Island, is the capital of Hawaii. Administratively, there are 51 towns and cities including five counties in Hawaii: Hawaii County, Kalawao County, Maui County, Kauai County and Honolulu County.


Since 1963, the Unites States Postal Service has been using zip codes as its postal codes system for designating its territories. The term ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) was selected to imply an efficient sending of mails. The mails reach their destination quickly when the senders in their postal addresses use the codes. The agreed format is made up of five numerical digits.

The state of Hawaii had approximately 137 zip codes by January 2014.These codes are listed in terms of location, village, town or city. With the introduction of the extended ZIP + four codes in the 1980s, you can precisely determine a location in Hawaii.


Turtle Town Maui Biodiversity Adventures

Turtle Town is located along the southern coast of Maui. You can enjoy the valleys, aquatic larva structures and rocky overhangs lying in water levels of less than 40 feet that make Turtle Town Maui a famous tourist destination. Take pleasure in the lava formations that bring about the beautiful coral reefs and the multiple colored fish.

The Exceptional Marine Life at Turtle Town


The colorful coral reef exuded by the Turtle Town is a home to diverse flora and fauna. Apart from the Hawaiian green sea turtle, which is its main tourist attraction, the town prides itself of a variety of tropical fish and other exceptional and diverse marine life. The types of fish found here are parrotfish, surgeonfish, squirrelfish, and cardinal fish, triggerfish, hawk fish, trumpet fish, soldier fish, butterfly fish, tang wrasse, damselfish, jacks, butterfly fish, hawk fish, cornet fish, eels, needlefish, octopus, goatfish, snapper, crustaceans, Hawaii State Fish and other unique invertebrates.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Turtle town is the home for the renowned Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Maluaka offers the most fascinating sigh seeing venues to watch the Hawaiian Green Seas Turtles. Once you are done with snorkeling at Molokini, swimming with these green sea turtles is an experience you will live to remember. Take a calm, slow swim with the curious and gentle sea turtles who will take an investigative swim after you .You will enjoy the turtles swimming close to you or to the shore, sunbathing or doing a beach crawl. The sight of turtles surfacing up now and then to breathe is exhilarating.

Turtle town derives its name from the numerous green sea turtles that congregate here. They are partly attracted by the abundant algae that are a common food for turtles, and a particular kind of sea grass found here. Sea turtles are used to going back to their place of birth, especially if it is a nutrient rich spot. Hawaiian green sea turtles have green fat internally and this is where they derive their name and not due to their outer color.

The turtles weigh 500 pounds maximum and they always swim slowly. If they sense a predator, they can swim up to the speeds of 20 mph. These turtles enjoy a legal protection. It is unauthorized to ride, chase or touch the turtles.


The experienced tour guides will inform you on the best approach to use in interacting with the turtles to avoid stressing them. Turtles are gracious and sensitive creatures that love to share their homes with tourists. If you follow the laid down rules, you will delight yourself in the quality ‘turtle time’ presented by these magnificent marine creatures.

Snorkeling Adventures

Turtle town also offers a wonderful snorkeling adventure. You can personally paddle power or cheer up your tired body with a horsepower ride. Amazing tour guides are also available on request.

Even though accessible by road, it is not a recommended means of access. This is chiefly due to the possibility of unintentionally damaging the very fragile coral reef. You may also be hurt as a result. The best option is to take on a spirited swim to the area.

Experience a Parasailing Maui Adventure

Have you ever imagined taking a parasailing Maui adventure by soaring very high over the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean securely in a well-designed parachute pulled away by an ultra-modern speedboat? You have been missing this exhilarating parasailing experience.

Parasailing has developed into a very safe water sport. Both the take-offs and landings happen on the sailboat. You enjoy a gentle landing back to where you began your water adventures. You can take pleasure in the free fall effect. Parasailing is one of those tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss when you visit Maui.

The Crew


A highly experienced, professional and organized crew will welcome you. They will ensure your safety and security and make sure you have a great time. You do not need any experience or to learn anything. Anybody can take a parasail in Maui and fly. Whether you are single, married, young or old, it is a great event to experience. Just relax and enjoy the smooth ride.

The Real Parasail Experience

Your flight begins by you sitting on the boat’s back deck; your harness fastened to the parasail, and as the sailboat increases speed, you may think that the vessel is moving away from you and then…off you go! As soon as you get into the air, it gets tranquil, quiet and relaxing. It is fun, safe and very serene. You remain up there suspended in the air. It is so calm. You get a renewed perspective on the surroundings. Maui waters are the bluest you will ever see! The wonderful aerial view of the clear waters underneath tempts you to look for aquatic life beneath.

You will be served with a great crew and have fun vibes on the speedboat. Your flight may take between 7 to 15 minutes depending on your selected ride. When the ride ends, you are reeled in as they do the fish. You will enjoy an amazing view from up there and have an awesome experience.

The Maui boats are engineered specifically for parasailing and are meticulously designed with a winch system to make sure that any takeoff and landing is safe and smooth. There is no need to worry about safety and security. They have firm, secure straps that make you feel calm, and collected .You will enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of Lana’I and Moloka’I islands and the West Maui Coastline. You will spend a full hour on the boat with a 10-minute para flight.

 Types Of Flights To Choose From


Get a tandem flight if you are in a company of a friend. You can choose between the 800’ and the 1200’.If you do not want to get wet, choose to be reeled directly into the boat. Another option to go for is the ‘BIG DIP’. Either way, you will not be disappointed.

Everything about this ride is smooth and slow. The boat drivers and the parachute handlers are very experienced in handling first timers. You will experience amazing aerial views that make you want to spend your whole day up there.

Use the parasailing adventure in Maui to scale the heights and drive away your fears.

What To Expect In Hawaii In December

A visit to Hawaii leaves you energized by the fresh air coming from the flowers. The humid, peaceful waters refresh you as you take a walk along the attractive sandy beaches. The natural, magnificent beauty replenishes your lost energy. Whether you are a first timer or a returning visitor, the six unique Hawaii islands give you diverse experiences that will pull back any adventurous traveler back to Hawaii in December. The cost of a December vacation in Hawaii is greatly impacted by the timing. The first two weeks are very quiet and inexpensive. The last week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve is noisy and expensive.

How is the weather in Hawaii in the month of December?


Generally, the weather in Hawaii is wonderfully warm always. The daytime temperature goes down to the lows of 80s while the evening temperatures go from middle to highs of 60s.You will need to be on a light sweater or jacket at evening time.

Tropical flowers flourish as usual even during the month of December. You will be welcomed with the colorful poinsettia plants and good-looking shrubs blossoming in the outdoors.

In December, it gets wet everywhere except in Hawaii’s Big Island. This does not mean that it you will experience a downpour all the time. There are still some great sunny days to be enjoyed. You will do yourself great good if you arm yourself with a breathable raincoat and/or a functional umbrella. This will make you maximize your plans and days.

The Festive Season

The first two weeks of December are not crowded in Hawaii. However, from December 20 to the end of the month, tourists flock to this beautiful nation of Hawaii to have a good time during the holidays.

As the festive season approaches, hotel rates start being comparatively expensive. Then the prices skyrocket and the rates become very expensive around the holiday season. Compared to the other months, the December festive season becomes the most expensive time.

As the demand for holiday increases, so does the cost of flight when you decide to travel during this high season.

Are There Special Events During Christmas?

Hawaii is a memorable place for Christmas celebrations. The town, shops and hotels are specially decorated to reflect the mood of these celebrations.


It is also an excellent place for ushering in the New Year. You will find the dazzling fireworks shows offered on every island a great delight. There are also various cultural events in Hawaii enough to take you through your adventurous and restful vacation.

The reef of this top tourist destination oozes the Hawaiian hospitality. The outrigger canoe tied at that entrance, the elegant guestroom décor and the shopping pool restaurant’s open-air plan leaves you with a memorable experience.

You can take an island turtle tour or soak yourself in the occasional perfect sunrise. Enjoy a quick leisurely walk through the open-air shops and carry a tasty lunch to munch by the poolside. End your walk by catching a submarine ride and see the sharks proudly swimming in the clear waters of Hawaii.

Come explore Hawaii in December, and discover this magnificent beauty.

Best Places To Go In Hawaii During Your Vacation

Hawaii offers breathtaking sights and crystal-clear waters teaming with numerous marine lives. Discover the beauty of warm beaches, tropical jungles, and snow-capped mountains, arid deserts and every beautiful coastal scene you think of.  Listed below are some of the best places to go in Hawaii.

 Kilauea Volcano


Do you know that Kilauea Volcano is among the most active volcanoes in the world? Can you believe that this island has more than one hundred thousand inhabitants? This volcano has been active for more than 20 years. During favorable conditions, you may see hot lava gushing into the sea. You can as well visit the park to enjoy the view of the craters. A walk across the craters can be very gratifying. Though you may have to be sure that the volcano does not erupt as you enjoy your walk.


One of the locations in the US that rains a lot is at Hilo in Hawaii. Here the rains come mostly in the evenings, keeping this location from becoming dreary. The rainfall and the sun combine to form a perfect condition for crop growing. You can take a tour in different farms and gardens at Hilo. The crops grown here are macadamia nuts, orchids, and coffee, vanilla and anthurium flowers. Natives will encourage you to go to Hilo to experience the true Hawaiian lifestyle. To have a test of Hawaiian fruits and vegetables visit the huge farmers market here. Just near Hilo, you will have a mountain peak experience with a wonderful star gazing chance, and extraordinary green and black sandy beach.

Waipio Valley

Waipio has been curved by years of soil erosion. This attractive valley is roughly a mile wide at the shoreline. You will be amazed by its splendid black sandy beach. It broadens to roughly two miles to the inland and has a cliff enclosure that is two feet in height. Bountiful tropical vegetation fills it, making it a marvelous hiking location.



Enjoy Maui, Big Island, Oahu and Kauai, the four frequently visited islands of Hawaii. These unique islands have attractive and fun places for adventure .To maximize your journey, do not visit more than two islands. You might be exhausted if you visit all these magnificent islands.

Maui is the most adventurous place of the four islands. Whether it is scuba diving or snorkeling at Molokini, mountain biking in a volcano or a courageous walk to Hana, risk takers are spoilt for choice. Vacationers have to choose between rental condos, bed and breakfasts or costly resorts. Maui’s beautiful beaches let you sunbathe or frisk in the blue-sky ocean. You can opt for the rural areas and the plantations or enjoy the lights in the populated cities.

Hapuna Beach

You cannot claim to have enjoyed all the beauty Hawaii offers without visiting the beach. Therefore, why not narrow down to one of the world’s best selected beach? Hapuna Beach’s soft white sand beautifies your eyes and calms your world with its world’s best bluest water. It is the perfect venue for swimming, snorkeling adventures or just relaxing in the warm rays of the sun.