What is the Hawaii Teacher Salary?

When you are living in Hawaii, there’s one thing to expect: High cost of living. Some locals and people who have just recently moved in the area comment about the prices of necessities! With that being said, it’s best to get a stable job that pays well, while still accomplishing your dreams. Though people say that employment rate is less in Hawaii, there are good job openings that pop up. This includes teaching positions! Teachers will always be a needed job by any area, and Hawaii is no exception. So if you would like to live by the beaches and become a teacher, then you can try applying for a teaching job in Hawaii! Not only will you have a stable job using your skills and passion, but you will also be living as if you were in vacation everyday. But the question is: What is the Hawaii teacher salary?


Hawaii Teacher Salary

Becoming a teacher in Hawaii is a great thing, as you will be able to experience the many perks of living by the most beautiful spots! But because of the high cost of living, you must be prepared for it and be sure that you are earning enough to sustain your lifestyle. You must also be able to follow the requirements needed, which is usually the basics such as having a license for teaching and a good education and experience.

When looking for a teaching position, you will be ableto find all the ones you want online, or you can ask loved ones who have any conenctions in the area.

Usually, there are many openings you can find on the Internet, all it takes is a quick search. If you have the funds, you can even go to Hawaii and find out yourself, applying and taking interviews while you are there. Either way, finding a job as a teacher in Hawaii is similar to finding a job in any other area.

The Hawaii teacher salary would depend on the position you get and what type of class you teach. Compared to the US, salaries are a bit lower, but adequate enough to suit your lifestyle when living in Hawaii. Here are the following sample annual salaries based on averages:

  1. Preschool Teachers – $32,850
  2. Kindergarten Teachers – $43,310
  3. Elementary Teachers – $54,380
  4. Middle School Teachers – $54,360
  5. Secondary School Teachers – $55,930
  6. SPED Teachers for Kindergarten and Elementary School – $52,270
  7. SPED Teachers for Middle School – $51,060
  8. SPED Teachers for Secondary School – $53,630


When teaching postsecondary subjects, teachers have a salary that ranges from $60,000-$90,000, depending on the subject and school they teach in.

The salaries may not be as high compared to other countries, but it definitely does help you sustain a good life while doing what you love. So if you are interested in applying for a teaching position in Hawaii, be sure of your decision before making the move! But either way, it will be worth it.