Hawaiian Food Recipes to Die For

The beauty in living or visiting Hawaii is that you not only get to experience the beauty of this paradise-like island but you also get to immerse in their history and culture which is quite interesting. Part of the Hawaiian culture is their unique food which is so unlike the regular American dishes. People in Hawaii have their own way of preparing and cooking their mouth-watering and sumptuous dishes. So if ever you visit the island, don’t be afraid to do a little exploring and try out some authentic Hawaiian food recipes which can only be found there.



This dish is one of the most popular foods in the island and can often be found in grocery stores, restaurants and homes. Pronounced as POH-kay, it can be considered as both a side dish and a main dish. This is like a cold seafood salad and is most often made with raw fish, the Hawaiian Ahi or more popularly known as the yellowfin tuna. This is often mixed with other fresh seafood like the tako or octopus, shrimp, salmon and many more. one good reason to try this is that, it is prepared differently throughout the islands thus making it more unique and exciting. Other ingredients involved in the preparation of Poke are salt, sweet soy sauce, sea urchin roe, kukui, fresh ginger, chopped white onion, minced garlic, sesame oil, sesame seed, furikake and different types of seaweed. And oh, as long as you have all these ingredients then you’re good to go, just mix them all together and enjoy. This is often compared to the Japanese dish, sashimi which is made of raw fish as well but sashimi is not mixed with other ingredients, it is just dipped in a sauce.

Lau Lau

You must have heard of this before as it is considered to be one of Hawaii’ best comfort foods. This is a traditional Hawaiian food prepared through the use of a luau. The Lau lau can be made using beef, chicken or salted fish. Other ingredients you will need are large Ti leaves, taro leaves, Molokai sweet potatoes and Hawaiian sea salt.


To prepare this, cut the pork into cubes then chop the sweet potatoes. Mix them in a bowl together with salt, this will be your Lau lau filler. Next step is to wrap them. To do this, find a flat and clean surface first then cross one luau leaf over the other then place taro leaves over each set of crossed luau leaves. Transfer a considerable amount of filler on top of taro leaves then wrap them by folding the ends of the taro leaves towards the center. Afterwards, wrap the luau leaf tightly around the Lau lau. The last step is to steam them for about 2 ½ to 3 hours. In cases that steamers are unavailable, just use a tamale steamer. Once cooked, you may serve it with rice or eat it as it is.

How To Bake a Cake From Scratch

A cake is one of the most desirous and best tasting desserts anyone could ever ask for. Though it is an item that takes some amount of time, patients and courage to get it done correctly, there are persons who set their lives in the direction to do this as a passion and also as their ultimate job. There are many different cake types and they all take different strategies and approaches to get them to the stage for consumption. They all require different tools, ingredients and methods but there are striking common steps which must be followed.

How To Bake a Cake From Scratch

When baking a cake, persons must ensure they have ready at hand or make preparations to source before even beginning the entire process:

  • Tools and equipment
  • Ingredients
  • Directions

Tools and equipment

The tools and equipment are necessary for all baking procedures as they are one of the main elements of the whole baking process. If the tools are not present and they will not be sourced, you are ultimately wasting your time. The main tools when baking includes:

  • Bowls for ingredient mixing
  • Spatula or mixing tool
  • Baking pans or trays
  • Stove with a workable oven
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Grater
  • Strainers
  • Testers
  • Oven mitts

These are among the most important tools which must be present at a baking table in order to have an effective baking procedure completed. Depending on what is being baked, other tools might be necessary and should be added to the list.


If you don’t have the necessary ingredients, then what are you thinking about baking. What will you be preparing for the oven? Ingredients among anything else is the most important aspect of baking, they are what you will be using in the tools and equipment and they will give the result – the cake! When you are baking, there are certain ingredients which is a part of every cake type and is a must have. Some of these include:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Spices – vanilla, almond, cinnamon, etc.
  • Water
  • Alcoholic preference – rum, wine, etc.
  • Baking flour/soda
  • Eggs

How To Bake a Cake From Scratch

These ingredients as for as knowledge takes us makes up every ingredient lists for all cake types. More may be added as per the cake selection. One other popular ingredient is food coloring which is used in many cake types but not a necessity for all.


You have to ensure you follow guides and instruction for each selected cake baking or else you will never receive the desired result of the perfect cake. The instructions given are important and given in steps, there is always no space for error unless it is through slight lack of understanding on the part of the persons preparing. An important factor in regards to baking is the fact that most times, dry ingredients are mixed separate and wet ingredients to itself after which the combination of both is done. However, this is not always the case.

Cold Spaghetti Salad Recipe

Spaghetti is a loved dish by millions of people around the world. There are those who would have it everyday with different kinds of style in preparation and presentation and also with many other side dishes or even with it served as a side dish. It can be served whether hot or cold and can be mixed with other ingredients to create a desired dish. Many people around the world do create spaghetti salad and if done correctly, it can be very delicious.

Cooking a Cold Spaghetti Salad


When you desire to make a cold spaghetti salad, you must first consider getting the ingredients and then you can think about the ultimate preparation. For preparation you will need:


  • Uncooked spaghetti
  • Garlic powder (for taste)
  • Cucumbers (peeled and chopped)
  • Tomatoes (chopped)
  • Salt
  • Ground black pepper
  • Basil pesto sauce

Directions For Preparation:

You will need to cook spaghetti as per package direction or as desired by person. After cooking, you will need to drain the spaghetti and let stand for well cooling after which, another must be done if any liquid remains. Once fully cooled, you will add it to a large bowl and gradually add the garlic powder while stirring. You will then add the pesto sauce, mix well until completely marinated and then place in the refrigerator for extra cooling/cold temperature. You will then remove from refrigerator and then add the chopped tomatoes and cucumbers then gradually add the salt and black pepper as desired. You will then stir well to ensure all the contents are fully marinated and seasoned with the pesto sauce. You let cold again and then serve.

TIP: You can add more small ingredients to help enhance taste if you wish.

Though this is a selective spaghetti salad recipe, you can add other types of fresh vegetables to replace the cucumbers if you desire as well as you can add others to create a more satisfying serving.


Many persons who make the salad do have their preference of ingredients and it doesn’t matter what you add to yours, it doesn’t make it wrong or right. There are many other ingredients that could be added including, popped string beans, corns, beans, other ingredients of the beans group, vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, broccoli among others. One of the most surprising aspects of a spaghetti salad is the fact that persons even add fruits to their mixture and it is indeed natural and tasty. While preparing your salad though, ensure you take into considerations especially the cooking instructions of the spaghetti as per package instructions as there are certain types which does not prepare randomly as others. Also, the spaghetti does not have to be the long ones as you can substitute them for the short ones. Spaghetti salad is a healthy serving as it does contain a mixture of different food groups and different nutrients.

How To Cook Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a special kind of Asian grown rice which when cooked, becomes sticky and truly delectable. Preparing sticky rice takes dedication and ensuring that you purchase the correct type rice and prepare as per given specification. Sticky rice also known as Glutinous rice is one which is low in amylose content, is completely gluten-free and its grains are seen as opaque. Cooking this kind of rice does not require the services of a professional chef to be present but homeowners and anyone else can easily prepare this dish. When one is preparing sticky rice on their own, there is a certain set of rules they must follow in order to get it perfectly done. The flaw about this rice though is that it cannot be exposed to too much air or else it will become dried and somewhat “trashy”. It is always served in plastic bag so that the moist can be kept in the rice.

Simple Steps On How to Cook Sticky Rice

How to Cook Sticky Rice

Preparing your materials

You will need white sticky rice, a bowl and some water to soak it overnight. A steamer and a gauze sheet to drain the rice would be necessary as sometimes the steamer cannot handle it effectively from falling through the slots.

Pre-preparing your dish

When you have the rice and other materials in place, you put the rice in a bowl with cold water and leave it overnight.A good method is to leave it in the refrigerator. When ready to steam, add the gauze in the steamer and then add the rice so the grains will be prevented from falling out. Steam the rice for around 15-20 minutes and constantly taste so that it is not over-steamed. The tasting will test whether all grains have been cooked and no hard bits does not remain.  After cooking,  let stand for 7-10 minutes then serve as desired.

How to Self Prepare

How to Cook Sticky Rice

Preparing via stove will see you needing a pot, rice and enough water to be at least an inch higher than the rice while in the pot.  Over a high heat add the water and allow to reach to a boiling point before adding the rice.  After the rice is added, you must turn the heat to medium level and let steam for 10-15 minutes. Ensure however that you do not stir the rice completely but use a tester, like a fork, to dig a small hole through the middle to see if all the water had been soaked up.

While it is been steamed, you can leave the pot lid slightly opened so a portion of the steam can be ventilated. If there is still water, you can keep steam for an additional 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of water. After the water is completely absorbed, remove the pot from the heat and seal lid and let stand for 10 minutes before serving. It can be served while warm and with any additional sidings to fully compliment the dish though it can be consumed alone if desired.