What It’s Like Living in Hawaii

When it comes to taking a vacation, Hawaii is one of the most sought out vacation spots everyone aspires to travel to. With fantastic beaches, many parks, and other various exciting activities, there’s something about Hawaii everyone loves. While vacation goers love Hawaii and what it has in store for them, it leaves many wondering: What if they were living in Hawaii? Would it still be a vacation, or would it be similar to a normal life in the city? If you’re curious or actually the lucky one planning to live in Hawaii, then here’s a guide and how-to when living in Hawaii, may it be temporary or permanently.


Guide to Living in Hawaii

Hawaii is not only home to beautiful beaches and sea creatures, but there are many locals and a good crowd as well. You are not secluded from the city life, as there are many things to do in Hawaii, such as shop or even go to movies. Thought it may be surprising to see places that are filled with more than beaches, it also is a relief as you can relax while still living the urban life. BUT, with that being said, it may be difficult moving or living in Hawaii for some. But how come?

Just like moving into a whole new place, living in Hawaii can take a toll out of those who were attached to home. And adapting to a whole new lifestyle may be a bit confusing as well. Here are some things to know about when living in Hawaii:

  1. Hawaii is a host of islands – And boy, are they islands! They are beautiful, BUT they are also small. Some have a size of merely 44 miles. It’s similar to living in a small neighborhood where you are near everyone.
  2. It’s hot – This may be expected, but expect it to be warm weather all throughout the year, no matter what season it is! It’s great when relaxing by the beach, but when on your way to work? Nah. If you’re one who loves the sunny days and warm weather, then Hawaii is the place for you!
  3. It rains – But don’t worry about the warm weather, because the beautiful and serene rain makes up for it! The weather is great, and feeling the rain after a hot day or being welcomed by it in the morning is absolutely breathtaking.
  4. High security – Being in a popular vacation spot, you will be assured that police is in high alert for just about anything, especially when it comes to traffic control. Speed a bit, and they’ve got you!


Living in Hawaii does not only entail having access to beaches, but you get to enjoy a few small perks as well, just like these! If you are considering living in Hawaii, be prepared and learn more about the place before making your final decision.