Hawaiian Food Recipes to Die For

The beauty in living or visiting Hawaii is that you not only get to experience the beauty of this paradise-like island but you also get to immerse in their history and culture which is quite interesting. Part of the Hawaiian culture is their unique food which is so unlike the regular American dishes. People in Hawaii have their own way of preparing and cooking their mouth-watering and sumptuous dishes. So if ever you visit the island, don’t be afraid to do a little exploring and try out some authentic Hawaiian food recipes which can only be found there.



This dish is one of the most popular foods in the island and can often be found in grocery stores, restaurants and homes. Pronounced as POH-kay, it can be considered as both a side dish and a main dish. This is like a cold seafood salad and is most often made with raw fish, the Hawaiian Ahi or more popularly known as the yellowfin tuna. This is often mixed with other fresh seafood like the tako or octopus, shrimp, salmon and many more. one good reason to try this is that, it is prepared differently throughout the islands thus making it more unique and exciting. Other ingredients involved in the preparation of Poke are salt, sweet soy sauce, sea urchin roe, kukui, fresh ginger, chopped white onion, minced garlic, sesame oil, sesame seed, furikake and different types of seaweed. And oh, as long as you have all these ingredients then you’re good to go, just mix them all together and enjoy. This is often compared to the Japanese dish, sashimi which is made of raw fish as well but sashimi is not mixed with other ingredients, it is just dipped in a sauce.

Lau Lau

You must have heard of this before as it is considered to be one of Hawaii’ best comfort foods. This is a traditional Hawaiian food prepared through the use of a luau. The Lau lau can be made using beef, chicken or salted fish. Other ingredients you will need are large Ti leaves, taro leaves, Molokai sweet potatoes and Hawaiian sea salt.


To prepare this, cut the pork into cubes then chop the sweet potatoes. Mix them in a bowl together with salt, this will be your Lau lau filler. Next step is to wrap them. To do this, find a flat and clean surface first then cross one luau leaf over the other then place taro leaves over each set of crossed luau leaves. Transfer a considerable amount of filler on top of taro leaves then wrap them by folding the ends of the taro leaves towards the center. Afterwards, wrap the luau leaf tightly around the Lau lau. The last step is to steam them for about 2 ½ to 3 hours. In cases that steamers are unavailable, just use a tamale steamer. Once cooked, you may serve it with rice or eat it as it is.

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