5 Types of Hawaiian Fruits

When it comes to living in the tropics, you will definitely love Hawaii! Known as one of the best places out there to go on vacation, the beaches and other sites you are able to take advantage of. It’s definitely a fun experience when living in Hawaii. Not only will you be able to experience all these things, but you will also taste the authentic and unique Hawaiian food! There are some exotic fruits that can only be found in Hawaii, and many of these fruits hold a lot of benefits you will be able to reap. Some are only grown in Hawaii and exported to other countries, while some are common but still taste even more delicious when in Hawaii. In this article, we show you the different types of Hawaiian fruit you are able to taste.


Types of Hawaiian Fruit and Their Benefits

There are many types of Hawaiian fruit you may not have heard of! Here are some of these exotic fruits and what they will be able to do for your body in the long run:

  1. Rambutan

These look a bit odd, but not to fret, as they taste delicious! They are red and spiky, but inside, they are soft and white, tasting very sweet and delicious. Plus, they’re fun to open up! It’s filled with iron and vitamin C, which is great for your immune system.

  1. Egg Fruit

Doesn’t look like an egg, but it’s named after it because of the texture and color of an egg yolk while eaten. It’s like a pumpkin pie but in fruit form, making it a great and healthy dessert! It holds a lot of vitamin A and calcium.

  1. Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

Now this is a fruit you don’t see everyday! From the outside, it looks like it’s on fire. Inside, it’s white with black seeds that are edible and delicious, tasting like a cross between a melon and pear. It’s got carotene and is a fruit rich in protein, helping build and repair muscle!

  1. Strawberry Guava

Think of a cross between the two individual fruits, and you’ve got yourself this tart and tangy tasting fruit! It’s found in Kauai and a nice treat after a long hike, filled with vitamin C and the sugar to keep you going when trekking.

  1. Poha Berry

This has a similar look to cherry tomatoes, but the difference is that they are bright orange. Another cool thing is that they are wrapped in a shell when grown, making it look like a bright and colored lantern. It’s got a tart flavor, making it perfect to use for dessert or jam.


These fruits aren’t only exclusive in Hawaii, but can be found in your local grocery as well, depending on the season. Have a taste of Hawaii through these delicious and healthy fruits!

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