How To Cook Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a special kind of Asian grown rice which when cooked, becomes sticky and truly delectable. Preparing sticky rice takes dedication and ensuring that you purchase the correct type rice and prepare as per given specification. Sticky rice also known as Glutinous rice is one which is low in amylose content, is completely gluten-free and its grains are seen as opaque. Cooking this kind of rice does not require the services of a professional chef to be present but homeowners and anyone else can easily prepare this dish. When one is preparing sticky rice on their own, there is a certain set of rules they must follow in order to get it perfectly done. The flaw about this rice though is that it cannot be exposed to too much air or else it will become dried and somewhat “trashy”. It is always served in plastic bag so that the moist can be kept in the rice.

Simple Steps On How to Cook Sticky Rice

How to Cook Sticky Rice

Preparing your materials

You will need white sticky rice, a bowl and some water to soak it overnight. A steamer and a gauze sheet to drain the rice would be necessary as sometimes the steamer cannot handle it effectively from falling through the slots.

Pre-preparing your dish

When you have the rice and other materials in place, you put the rice in a bowl with cold water and leave it overnight.A good method is to leave it in the refrigerator. When ready to steam, add the gauze in the steamer and then add the rice so the grains will be prevented from falling out. Steam the rice for around 15-20 minutes and constantly taste so that it is not over-steamed. The tasting will test whether all grains have been cooked and no hard bits does not remain.  After cooking,  let stand for 7-10 minutes then serve as desired.

How to Self Prepare

How to Cook Sticky Rice

Preparing via stove will see you needing a pot, rice and enough water to be at least an inch higher than the rice while in the pot.  Over a high heat add the water and allow to reach to a boiling point before adding the rice.  After the rice is added, you must turn the heat to medium level and let steam for 10-15 minutes. Ensure however that you do not stir the rice completely but use a tester, like a fork, to dig a small hole through the middle to see if all the water had been soaked up.

While it is been steamed, you can leave the pot lid slightly opened so a portion of the steam can be ventilated. If there is still water, you can keep steam for an additional 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of water. After the water is completely absorbed, remove the pot from the heat and seal lid and let stand for 10 minutes before serving. It can be served while warm and with any additional sidings to fully compliment the dish though it can be consumed alone if desired.

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