How To Marinate Ribs – 6 Simple Steps

Marinating involves the mixture of wet ingredients such as oils, vinegar and herbs which is used as a flavored seasoning for meat and vegetables. Most marinades are done for extended period of times to ensure all the moist is penetrated deep in the food and also tenderizes the surface. There are thousands if not millions or marinades that are available to choose from and though there are similarity in a lot of them, they do have their own level of uniqueness. Marinating is a process which requires time and cannot be a rushed process as it will only be seasoned and sent to cooking. Marinating involves preparing the seasons from scratch, preparing the meat or vegetable, and then combining both.

How To Marinate Ribs

Marinating is a step by step procedure which and when followed directly will yield the desired outcome. When meat and vegetable is in a state of marinade, it helps to soften and tenderize especially harder meat kinds. This is as a result of the softening agents like salt, pepper, certain herbs and spices that helps to cut and open joint areas and other hard linings of the selective meat kind. For instance ribs, in order to enjoy it to the max, you have to marinate it. This is partly due to the excess bones and joints found on the meat which will allow seasonings to be soaked right through and reach all areas to help enhance the taste.

When marinating your ribs, you must followed these simple yet powerful steps:

  • Your fibs must be completely defrosted. Ensure they are placed in the refrigerator 3-4 days before they are ready for cooking.
  • Place your ribs on the front side up and remove the thin membrane lining so as to make it softer and easier for the marinating process
  • Make your marinade and mix well. Whetever spice and herbs you desire to have in your marinade, you can add them for taste enhancement and flavoring.The fact that it takes salt a longer time for penetration, it is highly recommended that you complete this step at least a day in advance of applying
  • Remove your ribs and dip deeply into the marinade while turning constantly so all areas are based and replace in container and put back in the refrigerator.
  • Remove your ribs from the refrigerator every 3 hours and using a brush, gently apply the marinade to the meat so as to keep it moist and well marinated.
  • Let stand in refrigerator as long as desired but ensure you remove at least an hour before adding to oven or barbecue rack.

How To Marinate Ribs

Marinating is not a hard process as said it only takes times and the right procedures. The marinade itself does not have one specific way to be made as persons are free to use whatever ingredients they desire to richly enhance the flavor and taste of their ribs. The longer it is soaked and re-marinated, the better the chances of having all areas coming in contact with the mixture.

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