Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe

Jamaican curry chicken is a unique and most dish of the Caribbean Island. But in truth and in fact, it is loved by millions of people around the world especially because of its taste and more over how it is prepared. Jamaican curry chicken is most times served with white rice but can also be served with yam, Irish and banana. If it were not known by so many, it would be considered the national dish of Jamaica because of how loved it is. Most of the curry that is used in the preparation process is generally and naturally processed from the plant which is also in bountiful amounts in the country. Curry however being a native product of the Indians was brought to the country and ever since, a loved delicacy.


Curry chicken is not hard to prepare and really does not take much time. When preparing to cook this dish, one must ensure they have all the necessary ingredients needed to perform the task. These include:

  • Chicken
  • Seasonings (escallion, thyme, onions, garlic, pepper, etc.)
  • Curry
  • Oil (whichever preferred by user)
  • Pot

Those are basically all that is needed to create the famous Jamaican curry chicken dish that you can serve with whatever other food kind you are having. Curry chicken however does have steps which you can follow to create it in a delicious way. When you consider getting the job done, you can follow these steps:


  • Prepare the meat. You must ensure you wash the meat (this helps to remove the raw smell) with either vinegar or lime juice while allowing all areas to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Season the meat before use. You can prepare all the seasonings together, put the chicken in a bowl and then add the seasonings and using your hand or spatula, manual marinate the meat and leave for soaking. A unique tip with the seasonings is that you can blend all them together and having the liquid form, pour it on the meat, constantly turning it so it will properly absorb the spices and herbs.
  • Pot works. Add the pot on high heat and add the desired oil. When well hot, you pour the curry powder in the oil and allow for a 1 minute heating (while constantly stirring). After it develops a darker shade than the original version, you add the meat to the curry and stir well to ensure all the meat is well colored. Allow the meat to be slightly fried (not extremely) while constantly stirring and then add a small- average amount of water. You can add more seasoning to the water if you desire then close lid and let cook.


After the water isboiled down, you can taste to see if it is tasting the way you wish. If not, you can add more water and allow for another short round of cooking then you taste again. When the water is boiled down, you will realize it forms a kind of thick sauce like lining. This can be added to your additional food for further enjoyment.

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