Kauai Hiking Makes a Perfect Vacation Adventure


Among trekkers and hikers, a vacation in Hawaii means Kauai hiking in addition to splurging in one of the most pristine white sand beaches in the world. The hike gives you the opportunity to visit and explore the scenic mountains of Kauai. Being one with nature, experiencing inner peace and tranquility is perhaps one of the best things about this trip. The flora and fauna of this small but rich Pacific Island is quite a delight. However, it is best to remember some of these tips before embarking on your journey.

  • It is always safe to have a hiking plan. Let your family or friends know which trail you will be taking and your itinerary. This is mainly for safety purposes so that in case something happen, they would know where to find you.
  • Always bring the essentials like water, food and a first aid kit.
  • Be sure to check the weather beforehand and make sure to dress appropriately. Dress for comfort and make sure it can protect you from the sun. It is also better to wear a hat and sunscreen. Lastly, make sure your footwear is comfortable since it will be your major weapon when hiking.
  • The Kauai’s hiking trails are part of the Hawaiian history and culture so do your best to respect it. When passing through historical landmarks, try to make as little disturbance as you can.


Hiking Kauai will take you along the coast through rainforests and waterfalls to the mountain peaks. Here are the best trails you can take:

  • The Kalalau Trail on the North Shore is the most famous trails of all. This is an 11 mile path which offers great challenges even for those seasoned ones.
  • The Mahaulepu Heritage Trail on the South Shore is an easy route where you can take in the view of beautiful Kawailoa Bay. This is trail only runs 4 miles and starts near Poipu’s Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort then passes through some cultural areas and the Mahaulepu Beach.
  • The Sleeping Giant Hike located on the East Side is a trail leading 1,200 feet up Nounou Mountain. This allows the hikers to pass through forests with spectacular views form the top where a fables sleeping giant resides. This trail actually has 2 different routes and trailheads. Both are a little difficult so you have to be sure you are up to the challenge before starting.
  • The Kokee State Park on the West Side offers 45 miles of hiking trails along the famous Awaawapuhi Trail through the Alakai Swamp Trail. You may also choose the Waimea Canyon Trail on the same side. This trail passes through the Waipoo Falls Trail going through a ginger-surrounded pool.
  • The Hanakapiai Falls Hike on the North Shore is one of the easiest trails. You can hike 2 miles along the beautiful coast to Hanakapiai Beach then you can continue 2 more miles deeper to reach the valley with its thundering waterfall and pool.

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