Guide to Which Island to Visit in Hawaii

Hawaii is perhaps one of the most beautiful island paradises in the world. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations not only by Americans but of tourists worldwide. If you are planning on vacationing here but is at a lost which island to visit in Hawaii then let us guide. After all, you would want your dream vacation to be perfect and a time where you can definitely make the most out of it. All of Hawaii is beautiful and its islands are all unique in their own ways, however if you have limited time then you won’t be able to visit most of them. Thus, here are some of the best islands in Hawaii where culture, nature and food meet.


Kailua is a place nestled in the island of O’ahu in Honolulu County. In their language, Kailua means “two seas” because of the 2 beautiful lagoons which runs through Kailua Bay. The place prides itself for its crescent-shaped beach which stretches to 2.5 miles along the coastline. The beach has light to medium waves which makes it just perfect for surfing and body surfing as well as swimming. Kailua Beach Park is also known to be perfect places for a number of beach activities like windsurfing and kite-flying. You may also enjoy snorkeling and swimming with the manta rays and dolphins. But basically, its pristine white beach is enough to take your breath away. You can just laze around and bask under the sun with your favorite drinks and chitchat with your friends while getting a natural tan. The beautiful sunset is a scene to behold every afternoon. This is just the perfect place to have a romantic evening rendezvous and it makes the most beautiful scenery for proposals or in simply making memories. If you love the beach, then don’t miss this island.

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Waikoloa Village

Waikoloa Village is a popular tourist destination in Hawaii County. This is said to be the home of traditional Hawaiian aquaculture. The resorts in this area amplify the mixture of ancient and new. Most resorts here showcase petroglyphs which not only display the Hawaiian culture and history but it is believed to represent the heavens. This was mixed with the modern full-service and advanced technology offered by the resorts. While visiting, do not miss out the Anchialine pond which is the home a wide variety of sea life.

You can really take a close encounter with nature in this place since you may enjoy snorkeling with the dolphins or watch some of their shows. You may also hire a boat so you can enjoy a day of whale and dolphin watching. This is the perfect place to see groups of these huge but sweet sea animals together. This place is also considered to have one of the most beautiful beaches with spectacular views in all of Hawaii. But if it is uniqueness you are after, feel free to visit the amazing Black Sand beach in the area.

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