All About Maui Whale Watching

One of the best things to do in life is to take vacations and explore the world. Going on various trips and learning about different cultures holds many health benefits one may be able to reap! It’s definitely something people should do at least once in their lifetime! If you’re planning on going on a trip, the most important thing to consider would be where you would want to go! Maui is one of the best places recommended by travelers, known for the Maui whale watching experience. That being said, we show you all the things you need to know about Maui whale watching and where you can go for those events!

Is Maui Good For Whale Watching?

Maui is home to many beaches and things to do, and whale watching is one of them! It’s one for those who have always wanted to see the whales. This is great for families with children, or even couples and friends who want to try something new and check out the many types of sea creatures found in the sea.

Going Maui whale watching is actually something that needs to be timed, as whales do go on hibernation. They are usually out during November to May during winter migration. How many whales go out in the ocean? No one knows exactly how many, but the whole population of humpback whales is known to be 21,000, and they estimate that about half or a third of the number of whales visit Maui every year. The population is fortunately increasing, and the whale watching experience gets more beautiful each year!

Why Go Maui Whale Watching?

Going whale watching is one of the best experiences everyone needs to do at least once! To watch the whales splash around the waters and sing is beautiful. You get to learn more about life under the sea, and experience the majestic actions of whales. With their vast history and interesting behavior, it’s definitely something worth doing when visiting Maui.

Where to Go Maui Whale Watching?

There are different areas in Maui where you can go whale watching, as they have different beaches and shorelines available for you to visit in. Many hotels and resorts offer whale watching for the public. You can even go on a private boat ride with loved ones, encountering the whales up close. If you are alone, you may join a small group of people on a boat ride to avoid the crowd. Tour guides will even educate you about whales and their history, making you learn a whole lot about the creatures and appreciate them more.

Whale watching is exceptional during sunset, and if you are adventurous, you can go kayak or paddle to watch the whales yourself. Not only that, but you can even snorkel as well! You will be able to check out the many whale watching packages companies offer at good prices online. So plan your trip ahead and make sure to add in Maui whale watching to the list!

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