Top 3 Waterfalls in Kauai

Looking for a great place to take your vacation? Then you will definitely love what Kauai has to offer for you! With tons of awesome activities and beautiful places, you’ll definitely have the time of your life as you walk through the places of Kauai and explore what they have to offer. One of the must-sees in Kauai would have to be the amazing waterfalls. There are an abundant number of places where you will be able to visit with the beautiful falls cascading towards rivers. You’ll be able to enjoy the sound, feel at peace, and have fun in the waters. Here are the top 5 Kauai waterfalls you can visit when on vacation!


Top 3 Kauai Waterfalls

Because there are amny waterfalls found in Kauai, you might not be able to visit all! But here are the top 3 best Kauai waterfalls you absolutely need to visit, based on reviews and experiences by locals and tourists:

  1. Waipoo Falls – It’s a 3.2 mile hike (roundtrip), and not only will you get to see the falls, but you are also directed to a museum and park where you can relax and appreciate the beauty of art and the good view. You won’t be able to play around in the waters, but you’ll be walking around various canyons and rainforests, smelling the greatness of nature and feeling one as you go trekking. Plus, it’s kid-friendly and great for children who are adventurous or if you would like to introduce the trails to them.
  2. Hanakapiai Falls – This may be THE trek for adventure seekers, as this is the most difficult one to get to. It’s not recommended for children due to the terrain and difficulty, but for those who want to visit the falls, it will definitely be worth the trek. It is about 4 miles long going one way, and due to its popularity and length, it’s best to visit it in the morning when it isn’t as hot and when not much people are around. The 300 foot waterfall is the best for photos!
  3. Wailua Falls – This is the most accessible and best for families with small children or for those who aren’t a fan of hiking but would still love to see the falls! It’s a 3 mile drive and a short walk away from the parking area, so you can enjoy the falls without getting tired.


You will be able to book a tour or find out more about the different waterfalls in Kauai through a quick search online, where you can contact locals regarding information about openings and if you are able to visit with family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation and be sure to put one (or all!) of these beautiful Kauai waterfalls in your itinerary. It will definitely be worth the trip.

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