Best Things To Do in Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated archipelago in the entire world. This in itself brings a uniqueness to not only the geography but also the historic Hawaiian culture. If you haven’t traveled to Hawaii before, this can be a very memorable trip due to the fact that Hawaii is so distant and special in it’s own unique way. The Hawaii trip itself is roughly 5700 miles away from the West Coast of California. The Hawaiian Archipelago consists of approximentatly 137 islands. The 8 largest are the most recognizable to locals but if you’ve visited Hawaii before, you may know 4 of the most visited (Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Kauai). So… what can you expect when travelling to the Hawaiian Islands? First off, you can look forward to the geology – these islands were created by a series volcanoes (some still active) and because some islands are larger than others, you will experience variety of different terrains depending on which Hawaiian Island you visit. Next, you can expect a distinct culture. Hawaii’s historic culture is unlike anything else you will experience elsewhere worldwide. Fortunately, Hawaiians have passed this culture to future generations so you’ll still be able to experience it on your Hawaii vacation. Culture comes with history. Point being- depending on what Hawaii tour or activity you attend, you’ll be able to leave was some of Hawaii. Other things distinctive traits you can expect when visiting Hawaii have to be the unbeatable weather, the Hawaiian language, Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and overall mountain scenery, the coffee (Kona coffee from the Big Island is some of the best in the world!), the endless amount of tours, activities, excursions, and adventures, and of course the Aloha Spirit that’s still thriving today! All this is fascinating but you might be still asking yourself, “What are the best things to do in Hawaii?“. Luckily, here at Hawaiian Style Magazine we’ve done just that! Keep reading below to see our list of top things do when in Hawaii

Top Things To Do By Island

Island of Oahu

Island of Maui


Island of Kauai


Island of Hawaii