Top Things To Do on Oahu, Hawaii

Here at Hawaiian Style Magazine we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do when on Oahu. Our Hawaii experts have chosen an array of activities and attractions the Island of Oahu has to offer. The Oahu top things to do list (outlined below) is in no specific order. Oahu offers a magnitude of bucket list items so we felt it would be a disservice to rank them in a specific order. We hope you enjoy the beauty that the island of Oahu also known as the “gathering place” whether you’re visiting or a local here on the island looking for something fun to do!


Diamond Head State Monument

Check out Oahu’s signature landmark. Diamond Head is unique and rich with historical significance. It has a renown hiking trail with breathtaking beach and island views and a unique military war history.


Hawaii’s Famous Waikiki Beach

Where was surfing invented and still can be enjoyed today? Rich in Hawaiian culture Waikiki Beach was once a playground to the kings of Hawaii. Explore the rich history and now famous Oahu beach.


Historic Pearl Harbor

Learn about the attack on pearl harbor. Pearl Harbor National Memorial is located in central Oahu and it’s a must see! View the USS Arizona Memorial and unforgettable battleship Missouri Memorial.


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on Oahu is unique, learn more about the ranch life Hawaii once lived and still embraces to this day. The countryside of Oahu is not one to miss. Learn more about the Paniolo (cowboy) lifestyle.