Diamond Head State Monument


Overview of Diamond Head Monument

The raw geography of Diamond Head sits towards the east side of Waikiki. This is Hawaii’s most recognizable landmark know for it’s historic hiking trail (novice). The top of Diamond Head offers extraordinary and glimpses of the beautiful south eastern Oahu coastline. Did you also know Diamond Head has United States military history? Once a volcanic crater, the monument covers over 475 acres on land (which includes the interior and outer slopes of the crater. During the dry summer season, Diamond Head has a raw dirt brown coloration but during the rainy winter months Diamond Head turns a magnificent green color.

Diamond Head History

The cylindrical shaped crater was formed roughly 300,000 years ago from today. It is a result of an single historic volcanic explosion. Once cooled, the minerals settled and settled into the visible crater you can see from a top. If you see wildlife and unique foliage they were most likely introduced around the late 1800s and beyond.


Diamond Head Hiking Trail

For tourists the Diamond Head hike is one of the most popular on Oahu. The reasoning is simple – the hike is one of the easier on Oahu (paved trail) and you can get a spectacular bird’s of view of the Waikiki and south eastern coastline as well as views of the city of Honolulu. On the hike you will learn the not only the rich Hawaiian cultural history but also the military occupation and history located here. The trail leading to the top of Diamond Head (known as Lē‘ahi in Hawaiian) was built in the early 1900’s as part of Hawaii’s WW2 defense systems (outlook). The hike is just short of a mile long from the start to the summit of the neighboring the crater. The walk takes you into the unique military history of Lē‘ahi. Going to the top of the summit you will experience a 200 foot lighted tunnel together with fascinating views. Once you reach the top you’ll see the United States Military bunkers still standing and a enormous lighthouse used to guide navigation. However, the true gem is the Oahu’s magnificent views. You’ll be able to view nearly half the island going westward all the way to Waianae and if you’re visiting during the winter months there’s a high probability to catch a glimpse of breaching humpback whales!